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A Family Friendly Business

If you are looking for a family friendly dentist, Iowa City always chooses Classic Smiles. We can help get your smile straightened out in no time with as little discomfort as possible. Currently we are accepting new patients and would love to help boost your confidence with our ClearCorrect services. We accept insurance plans such as Delta Dental and other insurance and have been helping the community correct their smile for over two decades. When it comes to orthodontic services, Iowa City knows Classic Smiles is the right dentist for the job. 

What We Do, How We Do It

We are proud providers of ClearCorrect retainers which helps to straighten your teeth without the use of bulky, metal braces. There are a few steps to this process.
• Good Candidate
Are you a good candidate for these types of braces? At your appointment, you and your doctor will discuss your lifestyle and your teeth will be observed. You will then get X-Rays, pictures, and more to be sent into ClearCorrect to decide if you are a good candidate for this service. 
• Wear Them Routinely 
You will get a series of custom aligners to wear at least 22 hours per day. These are invisible, so no worry about traditional metal braces. After each checkup, we will decide if you are ready to move to the next series. 
• Benefits
The benefits of ClearCorrect are enormous, and is one of the reasons we are one of the leaders in the area as an orthodontist. Iowa City residents don’t have to worry about bulky metal braces, embarrassment, and are also removable so you don’t need to worry about getting food stuck in your braces. 

Choosing us is easy for your orthodontist. Iowa City has been turning to us for over two decades and we are eager to help you to. Call today and set up and appointment with one of our friendly receptionists. 

Why Classic Smiles?

When you need basic orthodontic services, Iowa City residents know that it is important to choose one who is good at what they do and can help straighten your smile out smoothly and naturally. Classic Smiles truly cares about their patients, and has been caring for over two decades. For all our services, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable receptionists. At Classic Smiles, you get a team who cares. 

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