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Your Family Friendly Dentist

Are you looking for a great family friendly dentist? Iowa City loves to use Classic Smiles as their family friendly dentist because not only are we the best at what we do, we make your dental experience enjoyable. With a huge range of services, we can help get your mouth in great shape or prevent cavities and gum disease from forming. We are always accepting new patients and accept Delta Dental insurance and other insurance plans. Give us a call today and learn more about our amazing services, prices, and deals.

Our Services

We know that when searching for a dentist, Iowa City expects to hire one that is an expert in a variety of services. At Classic Smiles, we don’t just clean teeth. We go above and beyond to provide services that our clients want and need. Here are just a few:
  • Teeth Whitening
    Make your smile beam with our teeth whitening services provided by our expert dentist. Iowa City gets a huge confidence boost with our teeth whitening trays and strips.
  • Dental Cleaning
    Regular cleanings are a key factor in catching oral issues early and preventing tooth decay and cavities. Our cleanings are stress free and done with the help of our dentists and dental assistants.
  • Extractions
    Whether it is wisdom teeth or for any other purpose, Classic Smiles provides extractions and keeps our clients at ease during the process. Give us a call for a consultation to find out how we can help you.
  • Dentures
    We can inspect your dentures yearly for damage and provide relines and repairs. Dentures are made comfortable and natural looking when we help you with them.
  • Bridges
    Missing a tooth or two? Fill in your smile with our family friendly dentist. Iowa City loves that we provide amazing services to help fill in the gaps between their teeth.
  • Dry mouth
    This can be an extremely uncomfortable issue to have, and it is one that our dentists understand. We provide prescriptions, mouthwash, and toothpaste to help fight the symptoms of dry mouth so you can get rid of this annoying condition or at least alleviate the symptoms.
  • Crowns
    If your teeth simply cannot hold up to a filling, we offer crowns to cover and encase your teeth. Crowns can be used for both cosmetic and medical purposes, so stop by for a consultation.
  • Fillings
    Cavities happen, and when they do no one fills them in better than a Classic Smiles dentist. Iowa City turns to us for their fillings because they are stress free and quick!
  • Orthodontics
    A straight smile is within your reach with our orthodontics services. If you are looking for someone who specializes in orthodontics, call our dentist. Iowa City loves that they can get a straight smile without the metal by using our ClearCorrect Retainers.
Don’t see what you need on this list? No problem! Give us a call to learn more about our services and what we offer from our family friendly dentist. Iowa City has trusted Classic Smiles for over two decades and you should to. 

Why Classic Smiles? 

When looking for a comforting and family friendly dentist, Iowa City always chooses Classic Smiles. We specialize in stress free dentistry and many other services to get your smile looking great. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. We look forward to becoming your new family dentist! 

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