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A Family Friendly Dentist

With so many options for dentists, North Liberty residents know that they have a wide selection. However, more and more residents are choosing Classic Smiles for their dentist of choice because we truly care about our patients. We specialize in stress free dentistry as well as many other services including cleaning, whitening, orthodontics, bridges, and more. For those who are not sure exactly what they need, make an appointment for a dental inspection and let us get your teeth back in order. When residents look for the right dentists, North Liberty chooses Classic Smiles! 

Our Services and Beyond

When you seek out the perfect business for your family dentists, North Liberty residents want to make sure that they are going to a one-stop-shop for their oral health. We provide a variety of services for your teeth, including
  • Bridges
    Need to fill in your smile? Our expert dentists can assist you with all of your needs when it comes to bridges.
  • Teeth Whitening
    For a brighter smile, come see our dentists. North Liberty residents love the confidence boost that a bright, white smile brings with our teeth whitening trays or strips.
  • Dental Exams
    A routine exam is crucial to ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and in optimal shape. Our dentists offer stress free dental exams for your convenience.
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Keep your teeth sparkling clean with our teeth cleaning services. Remove dental plaque and safeguard your teeth with fluoride to make sure that your teeth stay healthy for years to come.
  • Crowns
    If the structure of your teeth simply cannot handle a filling, our dentists will implement a procedure that caps and surrounds your tooth, called a crown. Crowns can be used for cosmetic or medical purposes.
  • Digital Radio-graphs
    Simply put, dental X-Rays. We detect cavities or other potential oral issues through our digital radio-graphs. 
  • Extractions
    A bad tooth or wisdom tooth that needs to be removed is easily fixed with our professional dentists. North Liberty residents trust our tooth extraction and you can to.
  • Orthodontics
    Get a straight, confident smile with our ClearCorrect braces. You can get straight teeth without the embarrassment or discomfort of metal in your mouth.
  • Dry Mouth
    Dry mouth can be an extremely uncomfortable oral condition. However, with the assistance of our prescriptions, mouthwashes, and toothpastes, you can get rid of or ease the symptoms experienced with dry mouth.
  • Dentures
    We provide dentures, denture repairs, and relines for all of your denture needs. Talk to one of our family friendly dentists. North Liberty has trusted our denture services for decades.
These are just a few of our many services. Make an appointment today or speak to one of our friendly receptionists to find out exactly how we can help you!

Why Classic Smiles? 

At Classic Smiles, you aren’t just getting a dentist, you are getting a team of people who have chosen oral hygiene as their passion and chosen to become family friendly dentists. North Liberty has been choosing us for over two decades because of our highly professional, comforting services. Make an appointment and let us become your new family doctor! 

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