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The Best Family Dentist

For those who want the best dentist caring for their teeth, consider Classic Smiles for your family dentists. Solon residents have trusted us for over two decades to work on their teeth, and we would be honored to work on your smile as well. We have a large variety of services, all of which we are experts in. Whether you need bridges, fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, dentures, and more, we can help provide these services and get your smile looking great. We are always accepting new patients, Delta Dental insurance and other insurance, and are looking forward to meeting you! Here is a list of a few of the services we provide.

Services We Provide

Our certified dentists provide all of these services and more. For those seeking out the best services from top quality dentists, Solon residents love that we provide:
  • Teeth Whitening
    An easy, cosmetic dental procedure to really boost your confidence is teeth whitening. At Classic Smiles, we offer professional grade teeth whitening strips or trays, depending on your personal needs, goals, and desires. Make your smile beam with teeth whitening from our dentists. Solon residents love the look that our teeth whitening services offer. 
  • Dental Cleaning
    Routine cleaning is part of keeping up on your oral health. During your cleanings, we remove dental plaque that could be building up, check for cavities, and ensure that your teeth are overall healthy.
  • Extractions
    We make extractions easy with our caring and experienced dentists. Solon residents often need their wisdom teeth extracted or have other reasons for needing a tooth extraction. Make it a little more comfortable with Classic Smiles.
  • Dentures
    This service is for those missing all of their teeth and we are expert denture dentists. Solon residents will find that we do denture repairs, relines, and custom dentures. Come see us for all of your denture needs.
  • Bridges
    We help to fill your smile in if you are missing a tooth or two with the use of bridges. If you are in need of this service, no one is as proficient at is like our Classic Smiles dentists. Solon residents trusts us for their bridges.
  • Dry mouth
    This is an uncomfortable condition, but not one that isn’t treatable. With our prescriptions, toothpastes, and mouth wash, you can get rid of, or minimize, the symptoms of your dry mouth.
No matter what services you might need, we can provide them. For over two decades we have been the leading providers for the Solon area. At Classic Smiles, we truly care about your teeth!

Why Classic Smiles? 

When you choose Classic Smiles for your teeth cleaning services, you are choosing expert dentists who have been in practice for many years. Not only do we specialize in various aspects of oral care, we truly care and can make the procedures as comfortable as possible. For all of your dental questions, are receptionist are on hand and ready to answer anything you may want to know about our dental services. Give us a call today to find out more or to set up an appointment. We are always taking new patients!

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