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A Dentist Who Cares

When looking for dentists, Iowa City knows that Classic Smiles truly cares not only about their teeth, but their happiness. We understand that having your teeth worked on, cleaned, or other oral procedures can be nerve wracking. For this reason, we do everything in our power to keep you comfortable, calm, and at ease. We ensure that your dental hygiene is in optimum condition, and not only that we do so in a way that keeps you at ease throughout the entire process. Stop by Classic Smiles today and discover why, when searching for the right dentists, Iowa City chooses us first.

Services and More 

A dentist isn’t only good for just giving your teeth a good, deep clean. When you hire dentists, Iowa City should seek out a dentist who specializes in certain areas and also offers an array of services. For your comfort and convenience we offer the following services for our clients:
  • Dental Exams Ensure that your teeth and gums are in great condition. If we see something that doesn’t look quite right, we will let you know what it takes to fix it!
  • Teeth Whitening
    Teeth whitening is a great way to boost your confidence and make you look great! Call us today about our teeth whitening services. As trusted dentists, Iowa City turns to us for a bright smile.
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Keep your teeth clean and in shape with our routine teeth cleaning services. Pain free services by doctors who care.
  • Digital Radio-graphs
    Detect any issues with your teeth as soon as possible with our digital radio-graph services. This services is one of the reasons we are the best in our field as dentists. Iowa City residents turn to us for all of their digital radio-graph needs.
  • Crowns and Implants
    Crowns and implants can be an intimidating experience for some. With our caring dentists, we take the worry out of your crown and implant needs.
  • Bridges
    For those with spaces between their teeth, we offer dental bridges to help boost your confidence, fix your smile, and get your teeth in prime working order.
  • Root Canals
    Many patients run in fear of even hearing the word root canal. Our gentle, comforting, and caring dentists make this procedure much more easy on you and your teeth.
  • Extractions
    There are various reasons you may need an extraction done, and when you do we are your dentists. Iowa City has been leaning on us to have their teeth extractions done for over 20 years.
With so many services, it is easy to see why we have been one of the leading dentists in the area for over two decades. We are always accepting new patients, so give us a call today!

Choosing the Right Dentists

Whether dentists make you run in fear or you are comfortable coming in for checkups, oral procedures, teeth whitening, and more, our dentists can help you keep at ease during the entire dental process. We are currently accepting new patients and would love to become your new dentist. Give us a call today at Classic Smiles! 

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