Meet The Dentist

Dr. Stephanie Nowysz

Before taking on Classic Smiles back in 1998, Stephanie worked as a dentist at the Iowa Department of Corrections. She enjoys serving the students and families of the Iowa City area and loves that she can provide general dental care in such a convenient location.

Dr. Stephanie Nowysz is a member of the American Dental Association, and at one point, held the title of president of the Johnson County Dental Society. As a supporter of the Iowa City Free Medical/Dental Clinic, she is passionate about offering dental care to underserved populations. These include at-risk children and young adults, as well as developmentally disabled children and young adults. She has also donated used equipment to the University of Louisiana after hurricane Katrina struck to provide emergency dental care to victims.

The inspiration behind what Dr. Nowysz does is her father, who immigrated from Poland and encouraged her to follow her dreams. Because of this, she has visited Polish dental academies with plans to return. She has also done outreach in Guatemala, Colorado, Illinois, and Las Vegas; she intends on continuing her dental mission in the future.

Family is everything to Dr. Stephanie Nowysz. She and her husband Mike, the owner of 2 Ol’ Boys Lawn/Snow maintenance, live in Iowa City. They enjoy spending time with their daughters and families (especially their grandkids!) Cooking, sewing, RVing, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, and education are all Dr. Nowysz’s passions.


Years of Professional Dental Treatment

Dentistry Abroad

Helping those in need has always been a goal and a strong passion of Dr. Nowysz's. Dr. Nowysz's daughter was a teacher in Guatemala about 10 years ago, so Dr. Nowysz visited her a lot. She decided to contact several public dental clinics to provide free dental services while she was there. She has worked in various clinics over the past several years throughout Guatemala. While her daughter was living there, she met her now husband, and they have since moved back to Iowa and have two children, so they still have strong ties to the country.

They not only love to visit family, but Dr. Nowysz also takes the opportunity to continue providing her services to those in need in Guatemala. This last 4th of July week, Dr. Nowysz and her assistant Chelsey had the chance to work at a clinic that was created by an association called Houses to Homes. They saw adults and children in the town of Las Pastores, which is well known for their hand-made boots, and is about a 20 minute drive from Antiqua. They did a lot of fillings, extractions and cleanings to help those less fortunate. The people they helped otherwise may not be able to receive dental care, or have never received any type of dental care before. Everyone was very appreciative of Dr. Nowysz & Chelsey's work, and Dr. Nowysz was invited to come back anytime. Plans to bring Classic Smiles to Guatemala again are already in the works!

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