Other Dental Services

Root Canals

Root canal treatment for abscessed teeth is a procedure that cleans out the diseased tissue from the center of a tooth. Once the infection is cured, the cavity is filled, and the tooth sealed back up, avoiding the need for extraction and replacement. Routinely performed by endodontic specialists, root canal treatment is a safe and painless way to save a natural tooth. Classic Smiles works directly with specialty offices, facilitating these procedures for every patient that needs one.

Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, come through in the late teens or early twenties. When there isn’t enough room left in the jaw, they end up impacted against other teeth. Growing at an angle, wisdom teeth can cause various dental problems. Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth is a complex intervention performed by trained oral surgeons. Classic Smiles works directly with specialty offices, facilitating these procedures for every patient that needs one.


After a tooth is extracted, there are many ways to fill the resulting gap. Bridges are one, but they require adjacent healthy teeth to anchor to. When none are available, implants are the answer. Small metal posts inserted and left to fuse with it; the portion reaching above the gums can be capped to replace the missing tooth. Dental implantation is a surgical intervention requiring specialist attention. Classic Smiles works directly with specialty offices, facilitating these procedures for every patient that needs one.

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New patients are always welcome at Classic Smiles, as are returning patients and families. With our location near the University of Iowa, we’re easy to find and even easier to get to, whether you’re coming from home, work, or school!

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Client Reviews

Classic Smiles is a great dental office. Dr. Nowysz is knowledgeable, methodical, and willing to educate patients on the hows and whys of what she is doing. The entire staff is exceptionally nice, and they will even give you a call if there is a chance to see them earlier. Like many people, I do not love going to the dentist, but Classic Smiles makes it a nice experience.

Brian D.

I love this place! Dr. Nowysz works quickly and competently, keeping me informed of what she is doing and my choices in care while letting me know what she feels is best. I have had no problems whatsoever with the work she has done, although she has had to replace/repair a lot of old dental work by other dentists. I always feel comfortable with her caring and professional manner. The office is very pleasant. The office staff is very friendly, helpful and efficient.

Martha S.

Wonderful experience. I've had routine work like filings and even some cosmetic work, all of which turned out perfectly. Everyone in the office is so helpful and friendly.

Best of all, she's AMAZING with children. My 2-year-old loved her. She did everything perfectly and said just the right things to get my kid to cooperate and even have fun! It was incredible to see; I’m still in shock.

Mary G.

Good dentist, she redid some bridgework another dentist had done, helped me correct a bad habit with over-aggressive brushing that was causing damage to gums and has been my dentist for years now.  Highly recommended.

Nathan F.

Absolutely the best dentist in Iowa City, the best practice at which I’ve ever been a patient. Steph really knows her patients and really cares about us as people. Last fall, when my son had a serious after-hours emergency, she opened up her clinic to see us and managed to save his front tooth as a result.

We are the absolute LUCKIEST people to have Classic Smiles here in Iowa City.

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