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    Iowa City Dental Clinic Visit: What to Expect

    Every Iowa City dental clinic visit is different and will likely include many different care options and treatments. As a result, it is essential to know what to expect from your visit and the specific preparation steps that you should take. We’ll examine this experience first by looking at what you should do to prepare, then look at the steps to take during and after your visit.

    Step One: Prepare for the Visit

    Before you visit your dental clinic to get treatment, it is vital to take a few steps that will help to ensure you don’t feel rushed or challenged during your appointment. This process is something you might be used to with other types of medical procedures, of course. However, it is worth going over these steps here to give you an idea of what to anticipate during your dental visit:

    • Call the Dentist for An Appointment – Ensure that you contact your dental professional about your appointment day and time to ensure that you can find a slot that works for you and them. If you’re getting a routine cleaning, you probably shouldn’t have a hard time finding a spot.
    • Figure Out Your Insurance – Thankfully, you probably don’t have to take this step too many times unless your insurance changes on you unexpectedly. You need to contact your dental insurance provider and ask them about your policy to see if all of your dental care is covered. Specifically, take this step if you find that you are getting a treatment option you’ve never before received.
    • Take Time Off Work or School – You’ll need at least an hour or two for your dental visit and, depending on what you get done, you may need to take the whole day off of work. For example, if you receive any sedation during your trip and need a ride home, it is best to take a day of PTO and let yourself recover in peace at home, rather than trying to force in work.

    You also need to ensure that you have your driver’s license, proof of your insurance, and other vital items to take to the dentist. Once you’re at the office, they’ll process all of your data and make your trip easier. Now that you’re at the office, you need to prepare for your visit to ensure that you don’t end up surprised at the care you get at a dental clinic.

    Know What Type of Visit You’re Experiencing

    Each time you visit a dental clinic, you are going in for at least one treatment. The type of visit that you’ll experience will vary according to your needs and the results of past visits. When you get there, though, it is crucial to understand what to expect to ensure that you aren’t surprised by any procedures taken by your dentist or have to reschedule for another day:

    • Standard Cleaning Process – Most dental visits will be a traditional cleaning experience and a check-up with your dentist. You probably won’t get any specialized care, like x-rays or fillings, during this type of visit. Instead, you’ll have to wear a plastic shield and eyewear as your dentist works on your teeth. You’ll get detailed plaque removal help along the gumline and floss between your teeth.
    • X-Ray Visits – If your dentist is concerned about something with your teeth or you simply haven’t had one in a while, they will x-ray your mouth to look for potential problems that may lurk deeper than anticipated. These x-rays take only a minute or two and will provide a comprehensive view of your mouth. They’ll then go over the results with you to spot potential concerns to fix.
    • Repair Visits – When your dentist spots issues with your oral health, such as cavities or poor alignment, they will schedule a repair trip. Whether you need a simple filling or a more complex procedure, the details should be laid out for you so that they’re easy to understand.

    Most of the time, your visit should go very smoothly and require minimal recovery time. You may feel a little sore even after routine cleaning, though this should pass in no more than an hour or two. In most cases, you’re not likely to need a follow-up for a few months. And if you handled your insurance correctly and gave the paperwork to the receptionist, you are likely ready to go.

    After-Visit Suggestions

    Your trip to the dental clinic should be relatively simple and require minimal to no steps after you are done. You can likely go back to work in many situations or spend the rest of the day at home enjoying your day off. However, there may be situations in which you need to take a few aftercare steps to ensure that you are protected. These should require nothing more complex than over-the-counter meds:

    • Pain Relievers: If your mouth hurts after your treatment and you need relief, use over-the-counter pain medications approved by your doctor.
    • Mouthwash: Many people feel a residual taste in their mouth after visiting the dentist. Simply wash your mouth out a few times to get rid of this, but be careful if you’ve had a more delicate procedure done, and follow your dentist’s instructions.
    • Schedule Another Visit – Talk to your dentist about when you need to come in next. If there were no troubles with your teeth, you probably need to schedule a visit in three months. However, more pressing problems may require a visit as soon as the following week.

    Follow these steps, and your trip should go smoothly and feature minimal troubles. If necessary, you may need to talk to your dental clinic about other steps that you can take. For instance, you may need to avoid flossing and vigorous brushing for the day if you got more extensive treatment on your teeth.

    Are You Ready for Your Trip?

    Did this information make your visit to the best dental clinic in Iowa City easier to understand? Do you feel like you know what to expect? If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Classic Smiles right away to learn more. Our professionals can explain these procedures to you in an engaging way and ensure that you feel confident with your procedure long before you ever visit us.

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