Correct Crooked Teeth with ClearCorrect from Classic Smiles

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  • 03 Jan, 2017

Here at Classic Smiles we make sure to offer the friendliest and highest quality of care for our patients. That is why Iowa City always chooses us as one of the greatest and most family friendly orthodontist options. We are currently accepting new patients and will do all we can to restore your confidence with our wonderful orthodontist services and friendly staff.

What is ClearCorrect?

Here at Classic Smiles we offer ClearCorrect retainers to help strengthen your teeth without the use of the bulky metal braces. The process is pretty simple and is conducted as follows:

  1. If you are a good candidate for ClearCorrect retainers, you and your dentist will discuss your lifestyle, get X-rays, take some pictures, and provide information to be sent into ClearCorrect to decide if you are able to use these types of braces.
  2. Once you are accepted you will need to wear the retainer routinely. You will get a set of custom aligners to wear at least 22 hours a day, but don’t worry, because they are invisible. After each of your checkups we will decide if you are ready to move to the next series.

There are so many benefits when it comes to ClearCorrect and that’s why we are one of the leading orthodontist Iowa City provides. No need to worry about food getting stuck in your braces. We are eager to help you with your orthodontic needs in a way that fits with your lifestyle. That’s why we are the top orthodontist in Iowa City. Plus, our dentists truly care about our patients and have been doing so for over two decades. We can help all members of your family. Call us with any questions or to set up an appointment to get your teeth on the right, straight, track today!

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Whether you are looking for a dentist in Iowa City  or the surrounding area, or you are already getting care from our team of dental experts, here are a few fun facts you might not have known about the most common dental procedure- implants:

Five Fun Facts

  1. Most dental implant posts are made from titanium- the same stuff they build rockets out of. The root of the tooth is replaced by a titanium peg and a porcelain cap is placed over it that looks and feels just like a real natural tooth.
  2. A dental implant will not decay and it cannot get cavities, but they can become stained or chipped and need to be cared for just as you care for your natural teeth in order for them to last as long as possible for you.
  3. Implants can help preserve jaw bone and promoted increased bone density and growth by ensure the jaw is still used in the area of the missing tooth or teeth.
  4. By age 75, it is estimated that a quarter of the population has lost all of their teeth. A staggering 70 percent of people from age 35 to 44 are believed to missing at least one tooth.
  5. Some of the first document tooth replacements are believed to have been recorded by the Mayans who attempted to replace teeth by hammering pieces of shells into the jaw to fill the hole left by the missing tooth.

Our team of experts know what it is like to take care of our patients and were proud to be the name more people trust when they are looking for a dentist; Iowa City residents are encouraged to contact us today for a consultation appointment!

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Finding your own healthcare and dentist when heading out on your own can be a very intimidating deal. However, when it comes to your own welfare it is important to do what feels right if you are to establish a positive and productive relationship with your new female dentist Iowa City  has to offer.

It's Your Mouth, Not Your Parents

You got the new job in the next town over. Why are you still driving an hour to see the dentist your parents used for thirty years? If that commute is causing you to skip an appointment, then it might be time to find your own female dentist in Iowa City . It's okay! It's your mouth!

She Might have New Techniques the Others Do Not

While the old family practice has never let you or your parents down, the art of dentistry does continue to grow and change with time. Perhaps if you offer the female dentist Iowa City  has around, you might discover that she is informed of all the latest procedures that a more established doctor has not embraced yet.

Can You Communicate with Your Old Dentist?

Are you even able to speak to the dentist you have been visiting since you were ten? As an adult, you need to be able to talk to your female dentist in Iowa City  about all your health issues and receive a professional and mature response. Sometimes those old family relationships are sweet, but not what you need when sitting in the dentist chair. Come give us a visit at Classic Smiles for a stress-free checkup today.

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The best female dentist Iowa City  has to offer can help women better understand the serious problems that affect their oral health. For example, there are many women who suffer from serious oral health concerns that end up affecting their overall health in negative ways. Let's take a look at these problems to better understand how they could affect you and how a female dentist in Iowa City  can help.

Oral Health Is Linked To Overall Health

Like with men, a woman's oral health is often highly linked to her overall health. For example, bacterial infections in the mouth can spread into the bloodstream and cause other serious concerns. For women, these concerns typically break down into pretty specific categories that the best female dentist Iowa City  has to offer can help you understand.

Heart Disease

Gum disease is a direct factor on heart disease and can nearly double a person's risk of suffering from this problem. As heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, it is important to understand this danger and to take steps to avoid it.


While the connection between strokes and oral health is not as pronounced as the connection between oral health and heart problems, it exists. It is found that the risk factor for a stroke rises significantly if a woman has serious oral health problems.


One surprising problem affected by gum and oral health disease is diabetes. A majority of otherwise healthy women who suffer from diabetes also suffer from serious issues with their mouth. It also makes it harder for women to control their blood sugar levels.

So if you're looking for the best female dentist in Iowa City  who can help you with this problems, make sure to talk about them honestly and to assess the situation as it occurs and if it worsens.

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The mouth and dentition are the starting point of the digestive tract, and as such, they are a deeply integrated part of your overall physical health. For this reason, there are a number of non-dental medical issues that your Iowa City Dentist may discover.


Loose teeth; receding, dry, and bleeding gums can be signs of diabetes. The low immunity function related to this condition can make recovering from infections in the mouth more difficult and riskier. If these signs are prevalent, your dentist may recommend that you see your regular health care provider check for diabetes.

Oral Cancer

Because the mouth is exposed to so many active substances and the bacteria that live on them, mouth cancers are one of the most common medical issues that your dentist can help you to detect early. Mouth cancer comes with a very high mortality rate, making your dentist an invaluable ally in early detection.

Excessive Stress

Unmitigated stress can have broad ranging effects on your overall health. Poor immune function and other signs of weakness in the gums and teeth can be indicative of excessively high levels of stress.


This condition, commonly affecting post-menopausal women, causes the deterioration of bone throughout the body. This can cause loose teeth and receding gums- which means your dentist may be key in spotting the problem early.

Of course, these are just a few of the many serious health conditions that your dentist may help you to discover before the symptoms become dangerous. That’s a big reason why regular visits to your Iowa City Dentist are important to your health.

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A large number of people are afraid to visit the best dentists Iowa City  has to offer. They may have simply lost health insurance or struggled to find a way to pay for their visits. If you are finally going to the dentist after years of avoiding them, it can be difficult to prepare yourself for the unique demands. However, you can ease yourself into it quite easily.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

A few months before your appointment, make sure to take special care of your teeth. Brush with a whitening paste, floss daily, and use mouthwash. These actions will help keep your teeth in great shape before you meet up with the dentist. It also helps ensure that you feel better about your health when you finally visit dentists in Iowa City .

Avoid Sugary Foods

Stay away from sugary foods for at least a week or two before going to the dentist. Why? These foods will increase your presence of plaque and make it more difficult for your dentist to clean your teeth. In fact, try to cut excessively sugary foods out of your diet as much as possible to avoid impacting your dental health.

Preparing On The Day

Make sure to get a good night's sleep the day you go to the best dentist Iowa City  has to offer, wear comfortable clothing, and bring along a list of medications and vitamins. The latter consideration is an important way of avoiding complications that can impact the quality of your visit. You should also make sure you ask them any questions that you may have before they begin.

You Can Do This!

If you're looking for dentists in Iowa City  who you can trust, please contact us today. We will work hard to ensure that your dental treatment is simple, that your teeth are healthy, and that all of your concerns are addressed in a positive and constructive way.

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For many people, going to the dentist is one of those things that falls off the calendar when we are young and healthy. However, after many years you might be experiencing pain due to untreated cavities or noticeable bleeding gums. You know you should go to the dentist, but don't want to listen to the lectures many associate with their annual visits. You can do it, with a little support from your dentist and your friends.

Talk to the Dentist before Your First Exam

Your caring dentists Iowa City  have encourage you to make an appointment to simply talk to the dentist. So you can get to know them and they can understand why you have avoided the chair for all those years.

Bring a Friend

Don't hesitate to bring a friend or family member with you. The dentists in Iowa City  know this is stressful and want you to have a support system nearby.

Be Ready to Walk Out

If you find that the person you are speaking to is rude or not understanding, the gentle dentists Iowa City  have encourage you to leave, because there is a professional nearby who won't berate you. You must be treated with respect and sympathy.

Ask About Sedation Options

Yes, you will likely have to get several cavities fixed. Ask your dentists in Iowa City  about sedation options. You may be able to undergo all your procedures in a single visit and never feel or remember a thing.

It Will Get Better

Once you visit your dentist and your mouth heals, there will be a time when eating is no longer painful. It's so worth the effort.

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Sometimes it may seem that no matter what you do, you end up with bleeding gums once again. Even choosing the correct dental floss results in what appears to be monumental blood loss from the gums. Have no fear, the  best dentists I owa City  has to offer can help.

What could be causing your gums to bleed?

There are several possible culprits that could be causing your gums to rebel. One of the easiest to figure out is if you have returned to flossing after not doing so for a period of time. Your top rated  dentists in I owa City  would like to remind you that it can take around a week for your gums to get acclimated to a new flossing routine.

Hard bristles  are not your teeth's best friend. Whether it is actually too rough a brush may have something to do with how aggressively you brush. Even a soft bristle brush can make your gums bleed. Try an extra-soft brush and ease up with the amount of pressure you apply.

Certain medicines  can make you bleed easily. Blood thinners are notorious for wreaking havoc on the gums. Some anti-seizure and blood pressure meds cause gum tissue to grow rapidly. One of the most respected  dentists I owa City  has available encourages you to be gentle when you brush. Dry mouth caused by some antidepressants and antihistamines can complicate gum disease.

Pregnancy   causes major hormone changes. As a result, the gums end up more sensitive and are easily aggravated. If your body lacks   vitamin C or vitamin K , this can cause sensitive gums that bleed at the slightest provocation.

Give Them Time

As designed by nature, the gums are protected in the mouth. If you have just begun a new brushing and flossing routine, give your gums a chance to get acclimated. Your  dentists in I owa City  will be happy to help you figure out how to achieve healthy gums.

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Braces do more than just make your smile look fabulous. They are an investment in strong, healthy teeth. You avoid unnecessary wear on teeth that are properly aligned. Feel free to ask Dr. Stephanie Nowysz, your   dentist in I owa City , how eliminating crowded or overlapping teeth helps make cleaning teeth an easier task and can help prevent decay down the road.

Reasons to Take Dental Hygiene Seriously

It's not all about polishing the brackets. Just because you can't see your teeth well, it does not mean your daily activities will spare them from plaque build-up, decay, or staining. Brushing and flossing are more important than ever when wearing braces. Remember to ask Dr. Nowysz, the best  dentist I owa City  has to offer, about the consequences of slacking on dental hygiene when wearing braces.

What are some of the possible consequences of sub-par daily care?

1. Any additional treatment needed while wearing braces can delay your treatment schedule. Keeping teeth clean and shiny can help prevent cavity formation, so you stay on your regular adjustment schedule.

2. When brackets are removed, do you want to see a super white square outlined with a layer or plaque and stains or a smooth white tooth? Proper brushing after each meal, and flossing with care given to the spaces under wires and around brackets, it is possible to see smooth white teeth on reveal day.

How can I set myself up for success?

Assemble your dental hygiene kit and find a carry case so it can go with you anytime you go out to eat. At the minimum, you need a soft toothbrush and floss. An interdental brush is great for the first pass to remove food bits before brushing. An interproximal brush is best for reaching gaps and is particularly good for people with fixed appliances. A floss threader can make getting the floss over your wire a bit easier, which makes you more likely to do it daily as recommended by Dr. Nowysz, the top  dentist I owa City  residents trust for guidance on good oral health care habits.

Get to Work

Use the interdental brush to clear out gunk from under the wires and around the brackets. Gently floss after using a floss threader to position floss behind the archwire. You can count on angles to help your soft toothbrush do the trick. Don't brush harder. Listen to your  dentist in I owa City  and brush smarter.

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The family dentists Iowa City admires would like to talk to you about what a family dentist can do for you and your family. From your very first dental appointment up through the teen years, plus all through adulthood, family dentists are happy to provide outstanding dental care. Dentists in Iowa City can meet all the goals and dental needs of your family. A family dentist can provide tooth extractions, root canals, dental fillings, dental sealants, gum disease treatment, fluoride treatments, improvement to your smile's appearance, and replacement of any missing teeth.

Children have some unique dental needs. A family dentist can monitor your child's developing mouth, and make sure that their teeth, jaws, and oral structures are developing properly. Kids need teeth cleaning as much as adults. Children also lose many teeth playing sports, and the family dentists Iowa City esteems are ready with tooth replacements, etc. Dentists can help your child to maintain or get a beautiful smile by using braces or ClearCorrect. They can start providing dental services to your kids as early as one year of age. Dentists in Iowa City believe that one ounce of prevention's worth at least a pound of cure! They will recommend twice a year cleaning and checkup for your teeth, so that you can keep out in front of any potential problems. Fluoride treatments can be useful even for adults to help to keep your teeth well mineralized and strong. A regular exam will help to identify any decay when it's small and more manageable. ClearCorrect can help you to get that perfect smile you've always wanted. A family dentist's goal is to keep our teeth functional and healthy for as long as possible. Many seniors nowadays don't have to graduate to dentures like they did in the past. Nowadays, there are other options like crowns and bridges that can help older adults to keep their original teeth.

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During the course of your regular dental exam, it may be discovered that your gum disease has progressed to the point that bone loss has occurred. X-rays reveal a gap between teeth and gums where bacteria have gathered. The result is inflammation caused by chronic infection. At this point, your  dentist in Iowa City  may stop to explain why scaling or root planing are in your near future. A regular dental cleaning is not an option with severe periodontitis. Several visits are required to ensure the infection is cleared and healing is underway.

How is a Deep Cleaning Different Than a Regular Cleaning?

A regular cleaning simply polishes your teeth. Some plaque and tartar is removed during a regular cleaning, but it is easy to reach and has not invaded the gum line yet. Anesthesia is required for a deep cleaning because the tarter or plaque has built up under the gums allowing bacteria to fester and cause decay. The goal of a deep cleaning by the best  dentist Iowa City  has to offer is to remove the bacteria colonies in a safe manner.

What Happens if Periodontitis is Left Untreated?

Periodontitis will continue to wreak havoc as chronic infection grows unchecked. In fact, left to its own devices, irreversible bone and tooth loss will occur. Your  dentist in Iowa City  is on your side in the fight against chronic gum disease.

Dr. Stephanie Nowysz at  Classic Smiles believes in informing her patients of the best treatment available based on individual oral health. As the premier  dentist Iowa City  trusts to recognize the need for serious care, Dr. Nowysz is here to help.

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