At Classic Smiles, we comprehend the importance of stress-free family dentistry. We are always eager to meet our patients, offering easy access to dental care, readily striving to work with Iowa City residents of all ages.

What services do I expect to receive?

Our pride is in the provision of quality and professional services that will give our clients satisfaction. Families play a critical role in our dental care service, which is why we favor a realistic approach. This means we give treatment options that have common-sense. Some of our core dental services are as follows:

  1. Dental exams: These exams make sure that your gums and teeth are in the best condition. When we note anything that appears wrong, we will update you on what is required to solve it.
  2. Digital Radiographs: Our digital radiographs detect any problems with your teeth in time. This is a service that has put us as the best family dentistry practice in Iowa City.
  3. Root canals: It is true that many patients are quite fearful when the term root canal is brought forward. Since the procedure involved usually is involving. However, there is hope for you who belongs to this category because our gentle, kind dentists will simplify all this for you.
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