Women Can End Up With Serious Dental Problems That Affect Their Health

The best female dentist Iowa City has to offer can help women better understand the serious problems that affect their oral health. For example, there are many women who suffer from serious oral health concerns that end up affecting their overall health in negative ways. Let’s take a look at these problems to better understand how they […]

Are Bleeding Gums Getting You Down?

Sometimes it may seem that no matter what you do, you end up with bleeding gums once again. Even choosing the correct dental floss results in what appears to be monumental blood loss from the gums. Have no fear, the best dentists Iowa City has to offer can help. What could be causing your gums to bleed? […]

Periodontitis is as Serious as it Sounds

During the course of your regular dental exam, it may be discovered that your gum disease has progressed to the point that bone loss has occurred. X-rays reveal a gap between teeth and gums where bacteria have gathered. The result is inflammation caused by chronic infection. At this point, your dentist may stop to explain why […]

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