Sometimes it may seem that no matter what you do, you end up with bleeding gums once again. Even choosing the correct dental floss results in what appears to be monumental blood loss from the gums. Have no fear, the best dentists Iowa City has to offer can help.

What could be causing your gums to bleed?

There are several possible culprits that could be causing your gums to rebel. One of the easiest to figure out is if you have returned to flossing after not doing so for a period of time. Top-rated dentists like to remind patients that it can take around a week for the gums to get acclimated to a new flossing routine.

Hard bristles are not your teeth’s best friend. Whether it is actually too rough a brush may have something to do with how aggressively you brush. Even a soft bristle brush can make your gums bleed. Try an extra-soft brush and ease up with the amount of pressure you apply.

Certain medicines can make you bleed easily. Blood thinners are notorious for wreaking havoc on the gums. Some anti-seizure and blood pressure meds cause gum tissue to grow rapidly. One of the most respected dentists Iowa City has available encourages you to be gentle when you brush. Dry mouth caused by some antidepressants and antihistamines can complicate gum disease.

Pregnancy causes major hormone changes. As a result, the gums end up more sensitive and are easily aggravated. If your body lacks vitamin C or vitamin K, this can cause sensitive gums that bleed at the slightest provocation.

Give Them Time

As designed by nature, the gums are protected in the mouth. If you have just begun a new brushing and flossing routine, give your gums a chance to get acclimated. In the meantime, find a dentist to help you figure out how to achieve healthy gums.

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