For many people, going to the dentist is one of those things that falls off the calendar when we are young and healthy. However, after many years you might be experiencing pain due to untreated cavities or noticeable bleeding gums. You know you should go to the dentist, but don’t want to listen to the lectures many associate with their annual visits. You can do it, with a little support from your dentist and your friends.

Talk to the Dentist before Your First Exam

Caring dentists should encourage you to make an appointment to simply talk to them. So you can get to know them and they can understand why you have avoided the chair for all those years.

Bring a Friend

Don’t hesitate to bring a friend or family member with you. The dentists in Iowa City know this is stressful and want you to have a support system nearby.

Be Ready to Walk Out

If you find that the person you are speaking to is rude or not understanding, don’t hesitate to leave. There is a number of professionals nearby who will not berate you! You deserve to be treated with respect and sympathy.

Ask About Sedation Options

Yes, you will likely have to get several cavities fixed. Ask your dentist about sedation options. You may be able to undergo all your procedures in a single visit and never feel or remember a thing.

It Will Get Better

Once you visit your dentist and your mouth heals, there will be a time when eating is no longer painful. It’s so worth the effort.

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