Whether you pay for your dental care out of pocket or use an insurance plan to help cover the costs, it’s important to understand what you are paying for. The most common service advertised and used by the dentists Solon has available in the routine dental exam. What is included in that?

A Chance to Talk to Your Dentist

You will get to see your hygienist, who will complete the initial inspection and cleaning. But the dentists in Solon should also spend five to ten minutes personally talking to you about any concerns. If this does not happen, ask to speak to them.

Visual Inspection

Most of the time x-rays or imaging are not included in the routine exam service. Using their tools, the dentist will physically inspect your teeth, gums, and tongue. If there is an obvious sign of cavity or infection, they may ask for an x-ray to be taken.

Scraping, Polishing, and Cleaning

After the inspection, your teeth will have any build-up of plaque removed, possibly involving some serious scraping. After that process is completed, your teeth will get a power wash followed up by a good polishing.

Your routine exam will likely not include a full x-ray series, fillings, or tooth removal. Even a fluoride treatment may be listed as an additional cost on your bill. However, that simple cleaning is most effective in maintaining good dental health.

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