During the course of your regular dental exam, it may be discovered that your gum disease has progressed to the point that bone loss has occurred. X-rays reveal a gap between teeth and gums where bacteria have gathered. The result is inflammation caused by chronic infection. At this point, your dentist may stop to explain why scaling or root planing is in your near future. Regular dental cleaning is not an option with severe periodontitis. Several visits are required to ensure the infection is cleared and healing is underway.

How is a Deep Cleaning Different Than a Regular Cleaning?

A regular cleaning simply polishes your teeth. Some plaque and tartar is removed during a regular cleaning, but it is easy to reach and has not invaded the gum line yet. Anesthesia is required for a deep cleaning because the tarter or plaque has built up under the gums allowing bacteria to fester and cause decay. The goal of deep cleaning is to remove the bacteria colonies in a safe manner.

What Happens if Periodontitis is Left Untreated?

Periodontitis will continue to wreak havoc as the chronic infection grows unchecked. In fact, left to its own devices, irreversible bone and tooth loss will occur. Your dentist is on your side in the fight against chronic gum disease.

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