The mouth and dentition are the starting point of the digestive tract, and as such, they are a deeply integrated part of your overall physical health. There are several secondary medical issues that your Iowa City Dentist may discover which have nothing to do with your teeth as such.


Loose teeth and receding, dry, or bleeding gums can be signs of diabetes. The low immunity function related to this condition can result in recovery from oral infections being more difficult. If these signs are prevalent, your dentist may recommend that you see your regular health care provider check for diabetes.

Oral Cancer

Because the mouth is exposed to so many active substances and the bacteria that live on them, mouth cancers are among the most common medical issues that your dentist can help you detect early. Mouth cancer comes with a very high mortality rate, making your dentist an invaluable ally in early detection.

Excessive Stress

Unmitigated stress can have broad-ranging effects on your overall health. Poor immune function and other signs of weakness in the gums and teeth can indicate excessively high levels of stress.


This condition, commonly affecting post-menopausal women, causes the deterioration of bone throughout the body. This can cause loose teeth and receding gums- which means your dentist may be key in spotting the problem early.

Of course, these are just a few of the many serious health conditions that your dentist may help you to discover before the symptoms become dangerous. That’s a big reason why regular visits to your Iowa City Dentist are important to your health.

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