While every parent wants their child to have a beautiful, white smile, the orthodontist in Iowa City realizes that sometimes getting braces is not just about outer beauty. Crooked teeth can have a negative impact on your child’s overall health and growth.  Here are a few things to look for that might be a sign it is time to make an appointment.

Adult Teeth Come in Crooked

A clear indicator of a visit to the orthodontist being necessary is overcrowding after those front baby teeth are replaced by the adult versions. That can be addressed, although you may not actually get braces until they are a few years older.

Speech Problems

More drastic teeth problems can be indicated by an inability to make the “S” sound or hard consonants like “D.” By consulting with your orthodontist in Iowa City you can determine if speech therapy will help, or if braces might be needed to allow for proper speech.

Always Biting their Tongue or Cheek

Do you think your child is a clumsy eater? Everybody will bite their cheek once in a while, but when it is chronic, the best orthodontist Iowa City has available recommends that you come in for a consultation. There could be a malformation of the jaw that is interfering with the chewing process.

Chronic Mouth Pain

Perhaps you took your child to a dentist when they complained about tooth or jaw pain. If no cavities are found, you may need an orthodontist to take a closer look for a second opinion.

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