When utilizing the best family dentistry West Liberty has to offer, you need to take steps to ensure that your child’s oral health is up to par. There are several steps you can take to keep your baby healthy, setting them up for a lifetime of positive oral hygiene habits, especially if you get them brushing early.

Start Rinsing Their Gums Very Early

Before your baby starts developing teeth, it is smart to regularly wash their gums with a damp washcloth. This step breaks apart bacteria and other contaminants and keeps their budding teeth from getting dirty. Just as importantly, it starts an early dental practice that you can transition to when they get older as a way of creating good dental habits.

Brush Their Baby Teeth

After you child starts developing teeth, you need to buy a small infant toothbrush and regularly brush their teeth. You won’t have to brush much because their teeth are going to be so small. Only use a dot about the size of a grain of rice to avoid complications. Use a half cup of water to keep the toothpaste nice and lathered.

Start Flossing When Necessary

Early on, your baby’s teeth will be too far apart to need flossing. However, as their teeth come in and start getting tighter, you’re going to need to floss between them. Put a little bit of water on the floss to keep it from irritating the baby’s gums too much.

If there is a little bit of blood on the floss, don’t worry. That’s common and shouldn’t be too painful. Stop if your baby starts crying, though, as you might be agitating them more than you realize. After finishing, rinse their mouth out with water to get rid of the bacteria. And as they get old enough to start brushing on their own, you can teach them these useful steps to improve their oral health.

Don’t Hesitate To Get Help

If you are struggling to keep your baby’s teeth in great shape, don’t hesitate to contact the best family dentistry West Liberty has to offer. These professionals will teach you how to improve your baby’s oral health in a constructive way. Just as importantly, they can create a precedent for high-quality care that will last the rest of your child’s life.

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